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Suzhou Villa
Luxe, elegant lakeside retreat

L Residence Suzhou Villa was an interior design of a 3-story villa & basement entertainment area located at a high-end residential community by Jinji Lake, Suzhou.  It was the first residential project commissioned by our client (see related work — L Residence Mangrove West Coast). The new building was completely unfinished, or maopi, except for the exterior.  Based on our brief, we created a luxe, modern space that optimized views of the water, and a program that accommodated multi-generational living, business gatherings, a Majiang parlor, and a bar.  The design featured an Italian Imperial Blue stone wall at the double height hall, and local marble tiled walls and floors at the first floor public spaces.

Project area: 10250 sf.  2013.

Concept Drawings

Double Height Hall

1st Floor  –  Living Room

1st Floor  –  Dining Room

2nd Floor  –  Master Suite

2nd Floor  –  Family Room

2nd Floor  –  Grandparents’ Bedroom

2nd Floor  –  Guest Bedroom

2nd Floor  –  Son’s Bedroom

Basement  –  Majiang Room

Basement  –  Spa / Massage Room

Basement  –  Bar

Section Elevations

1st Floor Plan

2nd Floor Plan

3rd Floor Plan

Basement Floor Plan

Before Remodel

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